Jared & Amanda Abuhl Family


Back in January, we shared of the Abuhl family and of their goal to bring home a little girl with the exact form of rare epilepsy as their own daughter. It is a rather expensive adoption and you blew us, and them, away with your generosity! Thank you very much. The other day we got an update on their progress and how we can pray for them over the next few months. Here are the exact words with a few redactions for privacy concerns. Thank you again.

“We received the official referral today and things are really moving for our adoption. Holt believes we will travel in about three months. It looks like we have our first visit, USCIS (immigration stuff), and the pickup. The Ministry of Justice is moving things ahead quickly for ________ (I can tell you her name, but you can’t publish it).

Our case worker at Holt has said things over the past week like, “this is a miracle because this is not usually how international adoption works.” God is caring for this precious child in unmistakable ways.

We would love prayer for the following:

We are requesting our 1st visit to be virtual—please pray that this request is granted. We are starting to plan travel and care for our sweet Evangeline while we pick ________ up. Please pray that we can line all of the details up, especially for nursing care.

We cannot tell you how much we appreciate the financial love your readers and Room to Bloom have lavished on us. What a testimony to how the Lord works and provides. We are set with finances and are so grateful.”


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