Who Your Donations Helped


Before and after pictures of two Cambodian girls who used to live in landfills

Your donations over the first few weeks of Room to Bloom being “active” have directly affected the lives of children living in a Cambodian landfill. Due to extreme poverty, these sweet and beautiful children were forced to find survival within piles of garbage. The conditions there are unimaginable, the smell and flies alone are unthinkable… yet these children found a way to survive. Thanks to your generous donations over the past few weeks, we have been able to help these children. Your donations enabled aid workers to take the children out of the landfill for the day and send them to school, as well as an Early Years Centre; at the center, they are fed a nutritious meal and have the opportunity to laugh and play in a clean and safe environment. The difference in their lives is truly a miracle; you can see the hope in their eyes (two of the girls are pictured on the right). We can’t thank you enough for your generosity and your heart for children in need.


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Room to Bloom’s mission is to promote the beauty of adoption and to ascribe dignity to people with Down syndrome and other special needs. We do this by partnering with organizations that are dedicated to orphan care and adoption advocacy, strengthening families who have children with special needs, and giving a voice to the vulnerable.