Hayes is a delightful 2-year-old who is described as cute and clever. His absolute favorite activity is to swing on the swing set. Hayes is learning to call out to his on-site family care mom and dad when he needs their attention. They lavish the praise on him when he does this, to encourage him even more. Hayes is in need of sponsors to support his continued placement in on-site family care and avoid going back to an orphanage.



More of Hayes’ Story

In late November of 2021, eight children were transferred from orphanage care into two family care apartments on the orphanage grounds (Hayes being one of them). Then in April, Jayson and Kasen joined them after graduating from the China Healing Home and were enthusiastically welcomed into the on-site families. In the first on-site apartment, little two-year-old Alia is the baby girl of the family. A trio of young boys also live in this home: Jayce, Jayson, and Hayes. Big brother Shane is nine and acts as a fantastic role model to his younger siblings. With this program well into it’s second year, they are fundraising to help maintain the China Family Care program now and in the future.


Jayson and Shane

Alia and Jayce




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