Lost Sparrows has several areas of focus within their mission to help end the orphan crisis. One initiative is the Foster Care Support Project in Bulgaria. Many of the orphans in Bulgaria are social orphans—babies and children who are abandoned by their families due to poverty or physical disability. Lost Sparrows supports a group of therapists and volunteers who work tirelessly to respond to the need of foster families. Families providing foster care in Bulgaria are often not supported financially or emotionally.


Orphaned foster children in Bulgaria


The Foster Care Support Project collects resources, such as diapers, to help the families provide for the needs of the child. The therapists also provide physical and occupational therapy to help the children learn new skills such as walking or drinking from a cup. Through this initiative, foster families receive support and education in areas such as diet and nutrition, and the children within the program benefit from therapy and the opportunities they have within a foster family that would not be the case if they were in an orphanage. Imagine… most orphans never receive a birthday present or have a birthday party. The workers and volunteers give the children the chance to interact at birthday and Christmas parties, outdoor play areas, and indoor activity parks. What a wonderful opportunity! Room to Bloom supports the Foster Care Support Project through Lost Sparrows to enable the purchase of diapers and therapy tools, continued 1:1 physical and occupational therapy for the children, and education and support for the families providing care. If you’d like to support the Foster Care project, please include a note with your donation. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it!


If you’d like to support the Foster Care Support Project in Bulgaria, send a donation to Room to Bloom. Every donation helps!



Brice and Amanda Wurdeman's adopted son, Sutter

Dear Room to Bloom, We are so grateful for your generous grant to help us bring our son home. We are so humbled by your gift. Thank you again! Brice & Amanda Wurdeman



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Room to Bloom’s mission is to promote the beauty of adoption and to ascribe dignity to people with Down syndrome and other special needs. We do this by partnering with organizations that are dedicated to orphan care and adoption advocacy, strengthening families who have children with special needs, and giving a voice to the vulnerable.




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