Horace and Phyllis Leister from the Tumaini Children’s Home in Kenya, Africa, recently contacted Room to Bloom with updates on two (of their 44) children.

Room to Bloom shared about their daughter, Debby, in the September issue. Debby is still awaiting her surgery in the US to address her scoliosis and the additional issues with her lungs. Phyllis shared, “Debby is doing well. She is anticipating her upcoming surgery in the US. We are waiting for the invitation letter to be processed.” Thank you for your donations towards Debby’s surgery. Please pray for Debby as she continues to go to school and help around the home despite her declining health issues. Also please pray that the necessary paperwork can be processed in a timely manner so Debby can travel to the United States for the surgery she desperately needs. As a result of your generosity, Room to Bloom is also able to help with the cost of tuition for their son Brighton to attend a specialized school. Phyllis wrote, “Thank you for the support of Brighton. He has made good progress this school year. His teachers are compassionate and loving yet have expectations of his skills. The school has a very high rating for success because of their love for the children. We are blessed to have him at Little Angels.”


Brighton and Debby, from Tumaini Children's Home in Kenya, Africa


Last month, Room to Bloom was able to contribute over $10,000 to five more adoption grants! We helped support these five American families with adoptions: a family from Tennessee is adopting a child with Down syndrome from Bulgaria; a family from Indiana is adopting a child from Honduras; a family from Kansas is adopting a child from India; a family from Maryland is adopting a child within the US; and a family from Texas is adopting a child from Bulgaria with cystic fibrosis. All are adopting a child with a special need. As they work tirelessly to complete paperwork, prepare their homes and families for their new members, and work through the unexpected issues that often arise, helping to meet the cost of adoption is something we can all do. With the average cost of a domestic adoption being $25,000 and an international adoption being $45,000, our grants offer much-needed financial support to families with a heart for adoption. No matter how small, your gift matters and helps make a difference in a child’s life and the family welcoming them into their heart and home.


The average domestic adoption cost is $25,000. Internationally the average is $45,000.


Every donation helps!


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Room to Bloom’s mission is to promote the beauty of adoption and to ascribe dignity to people with Down syndrome and other special needs. We do this by partnering with organizations that are dedicated to orphan care and adoption advocacy, strengthening families who have children with special needs, and giving a voice to the vulnerable.




Interested in Adoption?

The process of adoption can be quite complex and confusing. If you have any questions about adoption, please contact:
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