Why Down Syndrome Adoption?

Dec 04, 2020

We Believe…

We believe every child deserves the love and nurturing of a family.

We believe in embracing, enjoying, and sharing this one special life and all the blessings we have been given.

We believe in celebrating each child’s milestones and every small step in between.

We believe in helping children dream big, reach toward possibilities, and be courageous.

We believe sharing knowledge, insight, and experiences with others can build a community of acceptance, support, and encouragement.

We believe this world and all the places in it are big enough for everyone, even when one person’s needs and abilities look different than another’s.

We believe families that adopt a child with Down syndrome are not saints nor have superpowers. They are only ordinary families choosing to make a difference.

We believe children who have that something “extra” and the “ordinary” families who adopt them create a beautiful picture of something Extraordinary.

What I Learned from My Trip to Bulgaria

I have been asked everyday about my trip. Well-intended, “How was your trip?” questions. And honestly, I find I lie. I lie and say, “it was hard, but we did a lot of good.” And the lie tastes bitter on my tongue. It was more than hard, and there was not a lot of good.